Suzie’s 4th album ‘Dear Love’ to be released August 7th, 2012!

Suzie McNeil has been through the wringer of romance.  In fact, we’ve all been there, haven’t we?  Dumped. Abandoned. Rejected. Forsaken. Cast aside.
No matter how many ways you say it, it still hurts: devastated by the partner with whom you thought a forever was envisioned, only to discover that the crystal ball was not only cloudy, but cracked.
Not only does the Juno-nominated McNeil share your pain, but she’s actually done something productive about it.  She’s written and recorded an excellent 11-song, 13-track pop catharsis of the heart called “Dear Love”.

Dear Love will be available in stores & on iTunes on August 7th, with pre-sales starting July 24th.